Why Is Othello Blame To Blame

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The Battle of The Blame In life people are forced to participate in ways to ruin something or someone even if it’s unintentionally. Life has ways of tricking the mind and causing people to do the unthinkable and in every case of destroying what was once well-kept, there are many people to blame. The disarray surrounding the protagonist in William Shakespeare’s play, Othello and his ultimate downfall, leave Emilia’s backstabbing theft, Desdemona’s innocent obsession for Cassio, and Othello himself for being easily mislead are to blame for Iago’s plan carrying out and the deaths that follow. In the play Othello, Emilia is a character introduced as Desdemona’s best friend and the wife of Iago. Iago begins using Emilia’s relationship with Desdemona to gain access…show more content…
Desdemona never confronts Othello for his change in attitude and she is blinded by things that are going on such as her missing handkerchief. Desdemona is also blinded by trying to help her friend Cassio rather than resolve her husband’s anger. Many times during the play, she is able to ask Othello what is really wrong and going on with him, but she rather chooses to continue to persuade Othello to give Cassio his job back. “I swear by every sacred spirit that I’ve said everything I can for you (...) You must be patient a while. I’ll do what I can; and I’ll do more.” (Shakespeare 209) Desdemona’s inability to confront the source becomes one of the biggest problems in the play because she has no idea what is being said behind her, and she doesn’t even care enough to find out. Iago’s plan continues to carry out due to the fact that Desdemona coincidentally keeps being found with Cassio and as she pleads to Othello to forgive him, Othello has more reason to believe that Desdemona is cheating on him with

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