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Odyssey Essay Why is Odysseus such a great warrior? Well, he is a great warrior because he is willing to risk his life to make it back and to keep his people safe. No matter what the problem is, no matter who or what he has to go against. He knows exactly how to approach and take care of the issue. Even if Odysseus is far from home and battling for his life or battling terrible creatures, his heart is set to one place. Ithaca, and he has his mind set that he will make it back, no matter how rough things will get and he is a hundred-percent determined to bring himself and his men back to Ithaca. Stuck,trapped, or tired. He is determined to make it back safely. And even though Odysseus is not a hero who can fly or has supernatural powers, he is still human who is Capable of making mistakes or making decisions that are not always the smartest, And super hero or not,He is a warrior who fought day through night and never once had the thought of giving up. Being a hero means being better than you were yesterday, meaning growing stronger from the mistakes, and pushing limits to the furthest. Odysseus is a great hero by noble-birth because he smart about what he does, and he will travel over vast areas if it means it will lead him towards home. A true hero is not someone who keeps dreaming to …show more content…

And a great warrior is somebody who is brave enough to face their fears that no one else is willing to face by themselves, someone who is willing to take the biggest risks. ¨He saw the townlands and learned the minds of many distant men and weathered many bitter nights and days in his deep heart at sea. While he fought to save his life, to bring his shipmates home¨. (Homer 757) To be a bold hero, it should mean more than just having a well known famous name. It means being brave when no one else is willing to step up, not doing it for fame and legacy. Doing it because it is the right thing to

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  • Explains that odysseus is a great warrior because he is willing to risk his life to make it back and keep his people safe.
  • Explains that being an honorable hero is a gift, but should never be taken for granted.
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