Why Is Nelson Mandela A Hero's Journey Essay

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This summer, I visited South Africa. During that week, I witnessed the prosperity, the harmony and the racial equality of the country. A well developed African country with a hint of Western taste was my comment to South Africa. There is no other person who contributed more to the well being of South Africa than Nelson Mandela. He was not only a successful president who sparked a reform to his country, but also a symbol of peace and equality for mankind. I strongly believe this book “Nelson Mandela: A Hero’s Journey” should be made into a movie due to these following 2 reasons: No production company has ever made a movie on Nelson Mandela’s prison years and he is one of the most iconic man which affected millions of lives, and we should pay…show more content…
Another main reason I believe this book should be made into a movie is that we should pay tribute to Nelson Mandela. According to TIME and many other prestigious media companies, he has been acclaimed as one of the most influential people of the century. This demonstrated his high global recognition. He did not earn his title at ease. 27 years of imprisonment during his prime years, and released when he was 72 years old. During those years, don’t think he was sitting in prison doing nothing, waiting for the day of release. He brought his passion, his will for standing up against injustice into prison. In prison, he fought for blacks for getting new working clothes, but refused to receive them when he knew he was the only one being given. His ardour towards learning was also respectable. Even in such a tiny cell with only a small window, a chair and a hard bed, he still insisted to pursue his college degree. He affected many inmates by his charisma and his positive ideology. Even the heartless prison guards supported him. His most glamorous years are obviously his presidential years, but don’t forget the years he spent in prison. He worked extra hard, attempting to value add himself despite of the limited resources and space he had. Moreover, Mandela contributed everything and dedicated his life for the freedom of Blacks and the racial equality of mankind. He was not only the president who united all races in South Africa, but also a global symbol of peace. He once said, “nonviolence was not a moral principle but a strategy.” That’s the difference between him and other politicians who attempted to use violence to solve problems. Paying tribute to this intelligent peace-lover is necessary and I believe many will agree with

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