Why Is Music Important?

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GUITAR LESSONS Nina Kraus, director of Northwestern 's Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory (2014), believes in the the statement, "Making music matters." Many people believe that music matters because it not only provides entertainment, but learning how to play an instrument provides many other benefits, including brain development, neural processing, and academic improvement. A universal instrument that is pleasant to play and can be played almost anywhere is the guitar. Like any other instrument, children can gain the skills of playing either by themselves, or by taking lessons. In the case of the average guitar student, taking guitar lessons provides a better motivating structure than that of undirected self-teaching, but there can also be advantages found in the freedom of a less traditional music education. Without a guitar there cannot be any playing. Picking the right guitar is the first step towards learning. “There are hundreds upon hundreds of great instruments out there asking for your attention” (Sweetwater, 2013) being a beginner could cause some minor anxiety…show more content…
147-149). Because the more experience gained, the better player one becomes, along with better techniques and better skills. “You’ll also discover that a fresh set of strings no matter what kind of brand brand almost always sounds better that the ancient, grungy set you just took off, so you’ll have to to teach your ear to compensate for that as well…” (Sandberg, 2000, p. 147-149). When playing guitar it is always a smart to carry an extra set of strings; a fresh pair of strings can come a long way whether a string snaps, or need new strings, even if it might take sometime before figuring out the what are the best strings. “Assume it could take you a couple of years before your ear learns to sort out what you like best” (Sandberg, 2000, p.
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