Why Is Knowledge Management Important To Boeing's Knowledge Management

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5. Internal “Wiki” service Boeing employs what is called the internal “Wiki” service (not actual Wikipedia). This functions similar to the real world Wikipedia except that it allows Boeing’s employees to input information in such a way that everyone in the team could see and also make changes accordingly, this feature functions similar to blogging. Thousands of people can see the information that’s been fed into the repository. There are several advantages to using this type of feature 1.Quick access to changes(everyone is notified of changes almost instantly) 2. Everyone in the team (almost thousands) can have access to it at the same time 3. Safety, whatever changes are made…show more content…
6. Communities of Practice Communities of practice is a common trend among companies to solve problems, identify Experts etc.

4. Why is Knowledge Management important to Boeing 4.1 To retain the expertise of employees who leave the company As discussed above retention of knowledge is crucial and critical for the same set of skills, expertise and experience to get passed on from one generation to another in a company for the company to survive and thrive in a new generation provided knowledge lost cannot be recouped since there is always an expenditure of time. This forces major companies like Boeing and Rolls Royce which has created a brand name for themselves to train their employees even as they are young and before they join the company for the actual jobs. 4.2 To share expertise, best practices and lessons learned across enterprise Sharing expertise, best practices and lessons learned can contribute to the company in a big way and improve the company’s brand name rather than dampen it. By doing so the mistakes done can be avoided in the future and turn it into
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6. Case Studies: 6.1 B-52 Boeing offers it’s customers some unique products, two of it’s passenger carriers being the Boeing -747 and Boeing 777 which are still in operation.

B-52 was Boeing’s strategic bomber designed for stealth purposes with eight engines on total, 4 on each wings.The B-52 has been in active service in USAF since 1955. The success story of the B-52 was completely due to the fact that Boeing has managed to produce clear records on knowledge management on it models which has proved to be more successful in recent years. The B-52 can carry upto 4 high grade nuclear weapons, 22 modern day car, 12 Rolls Royce Phantoms. If our assumption be that it was a design byproduct, we’re wrong, it’s due to efficient knowledge management that kept this massive flying machine in service for the past 50 years and still has an average life of 80 years which Boeing claims. The B-52 is fitted with IBM AP-101 computer used on the Space Shuttle which proves that it’s a byproduct of intense knowledge management abilities and not just design

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