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Immigration has always been a topic that continues to a be controversial topic, Donald Trump’s whole campaigned consisted on the topic of immigration. Ever since the beginning of humanity, humans have always immigrated to different places looking for different lands to call their own. Be it because they were driven out because of enemies seeking to kill them or because of a natural disaster, no matter the cause people will always find a way to get to new lands for a better life. Throughout the history of the United States there has been many times where people have immigrated to the United States in search of a better life, it was fine in the beginning in the of the united states because there was so much open land that we could afford to have…show more content…
We have been steadily making progress all my siblings finished high school and are working towards higher education so we can have better lives. The pursuit of happiness is what I think made America great, and why so many people came to America. Immigration has always been on my mind it never goes away; many people can say what they want but when it comes to it but when the going gets tough they would be do anything to be able to provide for their families. I understand why people say that immigrants shouldn’t be coming here anymore, that we shouldn’t be taking away their jobs. There are less jobs and are also harder to get because of so much completion, sometimes I even start thinking that myself, but then I think of all the hardships that my parents went through and I can’t seem to blame immigrants for trying to come the United States, it’s an amazing…show more content…
My view of immigration is one that it should be done legally and safely, but that is not the case today, many times people don’t get the chance to come here legally so they do it another way even it is illegally. If the federal government let Utah implement the law that they tried passing to allow illegals to get work permits that would be fine with me, give them a chance to proof to people their worth. Also, I liked when shed said that “nor can enforcement alone undo the problems created by decades of American Hypocrisy- years when we relied on immigrants to take these jobs but gave them no way to enter the country legally” (Jacoby). I understand this because when my mom was trying to get our VISA’s to come to the United States we got super lucky. It was mostly up to chance if the people gave them out didn’t like you or just because one tiny little detail was wrong they wouldn’t give the VISA’s to you. We got lucky because just before we went to talk with the officers the woman before us had a passport that was going to expire in a year and they didn’t give the VISA to her while our passports were about to expire in just three months but by some chance we could get them. The point is the whole law about how to get legalized is riddle with problems that need to be
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