Why Is Immigration Persuasive Essay

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The United States of America has been a land of immigrants ever since the landing of the pilgrims in the 1620 's. For hundreds of years people from different countries have been packing up their bags and leaving home hoping to live a better life in the United States, the land of opportunity. In fact, the U.S. has become so culturally diverse, the term 'melting pot ' has been used to describe the country. Immigration reform has been an ongoing battle that never seems to end and is a number one concern in politics. There are millions of illegal immigrants in the United States and the numbers continue to fluctuate. People are crossing the borders, entering through the ports, or overstaying their time limit. The immigration system needs to unite…show more content…
The most efficient way is to increase communication between Mexico, Canada, and American Patrol and work as a team. The President of Mexico, the Prime Minister of Canada and the American government need to come together, agree on communication methods, tactics and share ideas to tighten security among the borders between countries. All workers on the border will be trained in all areas in case an emergency arises and they don 't have a back up team. There isn 't any point spending money on advanced technologies if patrolmen don 't know how to use it, nor if it isn 't proved to be any more affective. The borders need to be strengthened in the areas which are proven to be crossed the most, perhaps being protected by double barriers or taller fences. Costly surveillance equipment should be removed from areas which are proven confirmed to be remote crossing areas and replace them with workers. This policy is to strengthen the border areas, which are proven to be crossed the most, communicate more between governments, keep the spending down, remove costly surveillance devices and keep the security up at its highest. Border security needs to be tight to help keep criminals from entering the country, crack down on drug cartels, cut down on border crossings and help create safer communities. However, at the same time we need to keep the spending where it needs to
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