Why Is Hester Prynne A Heroic Figure

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Directions: For each of the questions below, prepare an insightful and supported answer. Strengthen your arguments with text-based evidence and artful observations. This document will be submitted to Turnitin.com on Thursday, September 1 before 7:00 A.M., so be sure to convey original and thought-provoking answers that are YOUR OWN. Please print your answers for Thursday’s Seminar. Is Hester Prynne ultimately a heroic figure? Make sure to support your argument with textual support, as well as a clear definition of what it means to be a hero. No, in the end, Hester Prynne only came close to undoing a past mistake. Her actions turned a once brilliant man into a demon and both mentally, physically, and spiritually deteriorated (and eventually killed) a righteous pastor. A hero is defined as one who possesses noble qualities, such as courage, or performs an outstanding achievement to help or save others. Although the reader may commend Hester for revitalising Dimmesdale with their plan to escape in chapter 18, Hester herself admits that she is the source for all of his trouble on pages 141-143 by regretting her choice to keep Chillingworth’s secret. In the same passage, Hester also admits that Chillingworth used to be “kind, true, [and] just” and became a monster because of her. Even…show more content…
Although Hester and Pearl are isolated for a while after their punishment (85), the Puritan society’s view of her changes in chapter 13. In chapter 13, Hester is shown to have become a servant of the community, and, rather than scorning her, the community praises her as holy (134). Even the symbol that embodies her punishment, the scarlet letter A, transforms into a symbol of her holiness, being interpreted by the people as meaning “Able” (134). In chapter 24, the story’s conclusion, Hester mentors young women, furthering the idea that she brings redemption from her sin by using her lessons to help others
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