Why Is Gun Control A Crime Issue

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Gun Control: Crime Issue or Rights Issue?
Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. To many people gun control is a crime issue, to others it is a rights issue. The US should not adopt stricter gun control laws because, it 's the best source of protection, laws will not control criminals, and it takes away your Second Amendment rights. The majority of U.S. gun owners does not represent a threat to society ( Gun Control Reform par. 1). The other part is either mentally ill or a criminal.
Many people will try to argue that the use of guns is dangerous, but it is the best source of protection in most cases. Without guns people are left helpless with no way to protect themselves. Without guns, criminals are more likely to break into houses,
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Gun control takes away gun rights from all people. No one should be forced to give up their rights because of someone that is mentally ill. People have guns not only for protection, but for hunting, sporting, and fun. President Bill Clinton signed The Brady Law, which imposed a five-day waiting period on the purchase of a firearm and required local law enforcement to carry out a background check on anyone attempting to buy a gun. This law was soon overruled because The Supreme Court ruled that having background checks was unconstitutional under the Tenth Amendment ( Gun Control Reform par. 14). The laws restricting access to guns would probably not prevent mass shootings. " Rampage killers tend to be meticulous planner." ( David Brooks Gun Control Laws par. 46). If the Government isn 't afraid to take your Second Amendment rights away, it probably means more of your rights will be taken eventually. The Bill of Rights might not even exist anymore in the…show more content…
They have a point, but only if guns are put into the wrong hands. A lot of shootings possibly could not have happened if gun control was stricter, but the guns were not the problem it was the people. An example is that in the killing at Sandy Hook the criminal had stolen guns registered to his mother. She had passed the background checks and he had obtained his hands on the guns. People are always going to get their hands on guns because there are too many guns in the world. The people shouldn 't be punished by having their guns taken away, because of the mistakes of criminals. Stricter gun laws will probably require better background checks, but the criminals can always pass a background check and then go insane. " You can strip all guns away, but the people who are going to commit crimes or have problems are always going to have guns." ( John Kasich Gun Laws par.

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