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Genetic Engineering What if there was a way that humans could change their unborn child 's DNA to make sure they are free of genetic disorders, make sure they have a certain color hair, or make sure they have the perfect height after birth? Well there is, it is called genetic engineering. However, the question is, should it be legal? Genetic engineering, commonly known as gene modification, is an evolving technology. This is the process of altering the DNA of a human, plant or animals complete set of genetic instructions, or their genome. Usually, gene modification is used by scientists to change or enhance the characteristics of an organism and may include taking ones DNA and combining it with another individual 's. While some may argue…show more content…
The main reason few individuals choose to undergo genetic engineering is because this tool has the ability to erase genetic disorders before a child is born. According to the article "We Must Stop Trying to Engineer Nature", there was a couple who lost their child to cystic fibrosis and after having genetic tests done they found out both parents were carriers of this disease. Then, when they caught wind of genetic engineering they decided to give it a try and the family now has two healthy babies free from any genetic disorders (Lynas). This couple 's story shows one of positive outcomes of this process. Their story also, supports one of the biggest reasons why some people choose to go through with gene modification. It proves that this type of engineering has the ability to cure genetic disorders in children before they even develop the disease. Although there are some pros to modifying an individual 's genome, there are many more…show more content…
In the article "Human Genetic Engineering Is Risky and Should Be Stopped" David King wrote, "Most scientists say that what is preventing them from embarking on HGE is the risk that the process will itself generate new mutations, which will be passed on to future generations" (King). If his statement is correct, there may be a possibility that the process of DNA modification can disrupt other genes causing there to be other genetic disorders that scientists may not be aware of. Then, later on down the line, the disorder could potentially show up. However, there is no way to determine what genes will be suppressed due to the process or when a "bad" mutation will rear its ugly head. Also, say a mutation did occur there is no way to determine how dangerous it could be. King concludes that, "genetic engineering is a risky endeavor with no assurance of safety" (King). Gene modification has recently been developed and scientist haven 't completely figured out the consequences of manipulating human genomes. As of right now there is no way of knowing what is safe for the human body and what is not. Especially since not many people undergo this procedure. Therefore, scientists can 't be positive about how the operation will turn out. Both of these statements from King prove just how risky gene modification

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