Why Is Forensic Technology Important

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Forensic technology plays a major role in today’s crimes. Crimes differentiating from smaller crimes such as robbery and larger crimes such as murder. In order to solve some of these crimes law enforcement officers must depend on the role of Forensic technology. In today’s era the technology has come an extremely long way, meaning depending on the evidence that is available such as a finger print on a murder weapon can be what ties a case together and even collects a convection. Forensic technology was first introduced to law enforcement in the late 1800’s finger prints were taken from some criminals in Argentina. Then the method was introduced to the United States where it became slightly more organized and advanced as the years went on. Without forensic technology and the overall technology advances of computers, cell phones and other electronic devices many crimes would go unsolved and there would be an excessive amount of criminals floating around each state.…show more content…
For example, if there is a bullet available at a crime scene of a murder and police have a suspect in custody; a search of the suspect’s property is conducted and a gun is found a forensic technician with the help of forensic technology can determine if the found bullet was shot from the gun in question. Several years ago ballistics testing was not available and officers did not have the options to test bullets and guns. However as the years continue, technology for all categories TV’s, cell phones, cars, etc will continue to grow increasing the overall fundamentals of how certain things work the same with forensic technology. The technology will continue to grow and solve cases possibly quicker and more
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