Why Is Edmund Kemper Who Was The Co-Co Killer?

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Edmund Kemper Edmund Kemper known as the “Co-ed Killer” was the middle child of Edmund and Clarnell Kemper. Kemper and his alcoholic mother had a difficult relationship growing up. He would have fantasies about killing his own mother as a child. Kemper would also cut off the heads of his sister’s dolls.. At the age of 25, he was charged with eight counts of first-degree murder including his mother and grandmother. At the age of nine, his parents divorced and he moved in with his mother and sisters in Montana. His mother forced him to live in the basement away from his sisters. She feared that he might harm them in some way. Edmund blamed his mom for all of his problems and why he killed women. Like many serial killers, they begin their murderous behavior killing small animals. Kemper was no different; his first victims were the family cats. He went to stay with his father for a time but eventually…show more content…
He removed the bullets from their heads and disposed their parts in different locations. In April 1973, he went to his mother’s home where the two had an unpleasant exchange. He attacked his mother after she went to sleep by striking her head with a hammer and then cutting her throat with a knife. He decapitated her and cut off her hands and also remove her larynx and put it down the garbage disposal. After hiding his mother’s parts, Kemper called his mother’s friend, Sally Hallett and invited her over to the house. He strangled her and hid her in the closet and then fled the area the next day. He called the Santa Cruz police once he reached Colorado on April 23rd to confess his crimes. During interrogations he would lead them to all the evidence they needed to prove that he was the “Co-ed Killer”. Kemper was charged with eight counts of first-degree murder, he went on trial for his crimes in October
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