Why Is College Worth Going To College Essay

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Is the return from college worth the effort it takes to be successful in a college environment? Some people may have different opinions on whether they think college is worth the effort that has to be put in to make a college education pay off. one example of someone who would argue that college is worth going to is Devorah Lieberman, author of the article “Stop Scaring Students.” Author Caroline Bird, who wrote “College Is A Waste Of Time And Money.” would argue that college is not worth going to. In this essay both sides of this neverending argument will be presented and compared. Devorah Lieberman argues that a college education is useful to have in today 's world, and that having a college degree can help you out in more ways than one.…show more content…
Bird believes that when parents force their kids to go to college just because they want them to, the kids might not take it serious and blow off their school work just to go out and have fun. Another reason some people go to college is because they think that by going and getting a college degree that they will make more money in the future. Bird strongly disagrees with this assumption by saying “If Money is the only goal, college is the dumbest investment you can make” (Bird 220). She is against people going to college for financial gain so much that she even sets up an experiment to show what would happen if someone spent their money on an investment other than college. Her and a banker named Stephen Necel set up a scenario where someone 's rich uncle gave them enough money to pay for four years of college, and told him he could invest it on anything he wanted to. They compared the estimated amount that a college graduate and a high school graduate would make over time. If the high school graduate put the money it would take to pay for college in a savings account and found a low end job he would have more money by age 64 than a person with…show more content…
As far as similarities go, both Lieberman and Bird believe that college advisors and counselors should do a better job of guiding students through the college process and should help students prepare for the college environment better. Each author also wants what is most beneficial for students. Both believe that college can be a good tool for students if used correctly. There are some notable differences between Lieberman and Bird on a few major points. Lieberman Is set on the Idea that college benefits the students more than it benefits the parents or the colleges. Bird believes that colleges benefit more by students going than the students do, because whenever someone goes to that college the college makes money off of them. Lieberman also thinks that college is a good place to mold students and help them grow up some. Whereas Bird believes that colleges do not help mold students because she thinks that they are already who they are by the time they get into college. One of the main differences between Lieberman and Bird is that Lieberman argues that college is one of the best financial investments a person could ever make. However, Bird says that college is one of the worst things to invest your money in. Lieberman points out that college is a great place for
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