Why Is Child Poverty?

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Every now and then, the one country situated in the northern part of America where everyone in the world wants to come and settle down to their life. It is the U.S.A. The U.S. is the place where the “American Dream” was born. If you work hard enough in this few barriers country, you will achieve the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility for your own family and children. However, that dream is now long gone forgotten because there is now a problem called “child poverty” that has been weighed down the entire U.S. society. So why does child poverty exists in the U.S.? Simple because their parents are poor, and those parents do not have enough resources to nurture their children as a standard citizen of a developed country. The U.S. while being the most powerful and civilized country in the world is still…show more content…
Working families often cannot pay their rent, or sometimes food. According to an article in The Bill Moyers & Company “Three Steps We Can Take to Solve Poverty, From Someone Who Knows Firsthand” by Tianna Turner, U.S. government should give good tax breaks for companies that provide secure jobs, encourage them to have paid sick and family leave, and invest in affordable and high-quality child care. (Turner) It is true that companies that have tax breaks can utilize tax money to raise the surplus for living wages. Moreover, employees who have paid sick and family leave are more likely perform better in their work because they do not have to worry about the lost hours that result in lost pay. Childcare has always been neglected in the U.S. for a very long time. Many research show that kids in high-quality preschools have better graduation rate from high school, and they tend earn more as adults. If the U.S. childcare system is fix, the parents will have more time to focus on their job, and the overall quality of U.S. citizen will change
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