Why Is Capitalism The Greatest Cause Of Capitalism?

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Capitalism is the greatest cause of suffering in our country, but capitalism is a great idea in itself. It is the idea that we can create private enterprises so that we end up creating more competition in our country thus leading to more wealth and a better standard of living but when private enterprises are handled by greedy businessmen capitalism ends up only hurting the country. The belief is that we can make more and more money like the rappers say, and honestly I 'm all for it, but when it is a system in itself that of which brings danger to others, is it still really worth doing? I do not think so and let me tell you why. Karl Marx the biggest talker of American terrorist socialist ideals as well as the biggest Idol of all tin foil…show more content…
Add in the fact that everything in the U.S. is owned by a company and you start to understand something really quickly. You need to work to survive. If you don 't work, you don 't eat, you don 't have shelter, and survival becomes very difficult. The worst part is not a lot of people are saying anything about this. Everyone just goes along with it like we 're in some kind of fantasy world. The one percentile don 't have this struggle because they have so much wealth that they can afford all of their basic survival needs without even needing to work. This creates severe inequality in…show more content…
In America severe inequality exists among the top one percentile and the lower ninety nine percentile. Due to this phenomena there are a lot of homeless people in America as well as working class citizens who don 't make enough to even get by. The main causes include a decline in labor unions, an increase in skilled labor being taken away from American 's and given to foreign countries, and the rapid increase of technology. The lack of labor unions have made it so the vast majority of gains a corporation makes gets taken up mostly by the corporate executives, shareholders, and creditors. Think about it, when is the last time you 've seen a labor union. The most recent one I can think of the is people who works for the Postal service complaining about being layed off because the postal union is starting to take tank in wake of the success of other alternative shipping services such as UPS(Stop Staples).As for The skilled labor for American 's getting taken by foreigners, the reason is that people in foreign countries can perform the same service or fabricate the same product for less cost to company than the people who live in America. This is also the reason for the prevailing decrease in American jobs and increase in American unemployment(Krugman). Finally the increase in technology has made a strong need for highly skilled labor that of which secludes

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