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To be educated requires more than just going to school and living day to day life. It requires more than just that, it takes real effort by the individual. While one can go and learn at school without really trying, they will not really have gained true knowledge. No matter if you’re in school or not, both methods can lead to near equal education with different paths, means, and outcome. If one is to be regarded as educated, they need to be enlightened in numerous facets, most of which will require real effort and focus. Being educated is a choice, it can be offered to you, but in the end it’s up to the individual to take that gift of knowledge and make something out of it and apply it their own life. There is no one stop shop for becoming…show more content…
Even though they attend higher education at a university does that make them educated, is it a guarantee that comes along with a piece of paper after four years? Some would argue that it does, but many intellectuals would say it doesn’t. Many will go into university with an end goal in mind that ties to their specific major, and will focus the majority of their effort on getting to that point where they know an immense amount about that specific topic. In their mind that will have made them educated, and while to an extent they will have been, they will not have gotten the full amount that they could have or should have. As John Henry Newman said, “If his reading is confined simply to one subject, however such division of labor may favor the advancement of a particular pursuit…certainly has a tendency to contract his mind.” By not branching out and not opening your brain to odd obscure and seemingly worthless topics, you are inherently harming yourself even more. The true reliable way to becoming educated is by reaching out for what is a liberal education, where you not only learn what is necessary but also what is not. Of course to strive for an education in a formal setting through higher education is just one of many ways to become educated. And while it may be a more easily acquirable method to it, it does not make the best for everyone, or even have any real benefit over any other

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