Why Is Aes Is A Good Solution For English Teachers?

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Writing can be a challenging task in higher education, especially when it takes college English teachers a long time to provide feedback. Automated Essay Scoring (AES) is an effective cognitive tool that is used to grade students writing quality and provide feedback within seconds (Attali). College English lecture classes can have more than 50 students, which puts a major burden on English teachers for reading and grading papers quickly. AES can save time and money, while allowing teachers to focus more of their attention on English concepts rather than aspects of grammar, mechanics, spelling, usage, and vocabulary. As technological advancements improve, AES has the potential to become more personalized for each student, allowing them a better education and highly developed writing skills. All higher education English teachers should use AES as a means of providing quick feedback for students in the classroom. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the number of students in the college classroom is steadily growing. That is why AES is a good solution for English teachers to give students quick feedback about the quality of their writing, while personally focusing more of their attention on content, reasoning, and communication. In an English class, writing is the primary method teachers’ use to assess student’s ability to convey information verbally. When there are 100 students in an English class it is intimidating for teachers to assign a sufficient amount of writing assignments knowing that they have to grade all of them by hand. In a study conducted on the speed of AES versus humans, researchers found that it took three human raters twenty days to grade fifty pieces of writing, where is only took and AES ... ... middle of paper ... ... AES systems in college English is becoming more popular as the grading software becomes cheaper and more refined. In 2010, the AES system E-rater rated more than 5.8 million essays, which were used in 20 different applications (Lim). With an increase in students attending college, English teachers with large class sizes should consider using AES. It is important to the student that they receive quick feedback to increase their learning ability. Since AES is as accurate as humans at grading the structure of an essay, it makes sense that the popularity of the software is increasing. As the popularity of the product increases the price will continue to drop, even though AES is still generally affordable. For college English teachers who want to spend less time grading, and more time helping students with content, reasoning, and communication, AES is the ideal system.

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