Why Immigration Is The Primary Reason For Immigration?

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One fundamental reason people opposed immigration is because they believe that immigrants rely on Welfare too much. The extensive number of immigrants who arrive as adults with relatively few years of schooling is the primary reason so many live in poverty, use welfare programs. Without a doubt, Welfare consumption is really high for both new comings and full-fledged immigrants of family units headed by immigrants who have been in the country for more than two decades. Around 48 percent of immigrants who lives in America have welfare (Camarota, Par. 3). Not to mention that around 33 percent of immigrant uses welfare who lived in America over five years and more than and 50 percent of Mexican foreigner uses welfare which next ten settler gatherings combined (Krikorian 334). Also, compared to 30 percent for native led- household, about 51 percent of immigrant households receive at least one kind of welfare benefits, such as Medicaid, school lunches, food stamps, and some sort of housing assistance (Camarota, Par. 1). Most of the immigrants who are using welfare come from Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Despite the fact, a portion of the facts about immigrants relying on welfare is valid. However, the legal immigrant isn 't even qualified for government welfare programs in their initial five years in the United States (Jacoby 331). Also, what’s more, is that immigrant pays taxes as well and they have right to receive equal benefits as native-born America. Additionally, another misguided judgment about welfare is that all immigrant gets welfare from the government, yet as a common rule, the all the illegal immigrant are ineligible from receiving any sort of government benefits. Besides, even when newborn children qualify ... ... middle of paper ... ...instance, I know this individual who is from India, he works around 80 hours a week because that he needs money to support his family in America and in India. Furthermore, people have sometimes accused immigrant of lack of their education and lack of their dedication to becoming successful. Some argue that immigrant are coming from poor countries with no education and they don’t like to stay in school. Which in some cases is true, but the majority of immigrants are dedicated to becoming successful and work very hard to the end to accomplish his or her goal. And that is why most of the immigrants who works really hard ends up in prestigious universities. Nevertheless, immigrant keeps bringing us good things for our country and they have always worked really hard to create more jobs, make the economy better and create more opportunity for other people in this country.
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