Why I am at ACC- Personal Narrative

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Why I am at ACC- Personal Narrative During my years in high school being popular was what life was about. What type of clothes you wore what kind of a car you drove, who your friends were, and who you were dating. Being academic wasn't really shunned upon; it just wasn't my strongest strength. I was smart in classes that I held an interest in. Unfortunately, those classes were more electives then core classes. I failed my math classes, and repeated them, which put me behind. Which being behind never really bothered me, until my senior year. When I was to behind to catch up or so I thought. I spent most of my years at Highland Park High School, being the best dressed, and being at all the parties. So as my senior came upon me, I was ready to have a blast. Until, my counselor called me into his office to inform me otherwise, that I was academically unprepared for any higher learning. He told me this since I had not done any college preparing or so he thought. I did on my own, I filled applications and got my transcripts sent on my own. I had been trying to get into college, since all my friends were too. I visited colleges, and I was viewed college life, I started to feel that I was too immature to handle the real world. It scared me, so when I got back to school after visiting UCLA, I put more effort into my studies. I needed to get some grades that were worthy enough to help get my dream. My dream was to be on my own, away from my family. I will admit that I waited till the last minute, to pick some schools to go to. I applied to four universities, University of Florida, Western State University, UCLA, and finally University of Texas. I really had my heart set on going out of state, but as my letters rolled in, it became more apparent that I was staying in the Lone Star State. I was a good student at a very academically challenging school, I had C's and B's, a fair SAT score. But that wasn't enough to get me into UCLA, or enough to get me into UT without going through provisionals. So I decided, to waste a summer of seeing friends before we all left for school by not going to Austin after graduation and going to provisional.
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