Why I Want to be a Teacher

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Why I Want to be a Teacher When I heard that I had to come up with a philosophy paper on “why I want to be a teacher?” I thought I am never going to come up with something credible. This is really hard for me because I do not want to become a teacher. But it was assigned so this is what I came up with. I feel that I have been blessed both with good teachers and bad teachers during my career as a student. It had never really occurred to me though, that I have been a teacher for a long time myself. Also that I have been taught by the most important teacher in my life, my mother. She is also a pre-school teacher and has already taught me a lot of what it takes to be a teacher. I know that if I ever decided to become a professional teacher I would have the support of my mother, teachers that I have worked with or volunteered for, and many of my other family members who are also teachers. I feel that I have been a teacher for a long time, because I have smaller sisters and a brother who had made me teach them how to do something. I have taught my sister how to tie her shoe, how to brush her teeth, how to ride a bike or skate. I have taught her math, reading, and how to make my mother nuts. I have taught my sisters how to play my way, how to draw, and how to use their imagination to become anything they wanted when they were bored. I think doing this has made interact more with them and help learn more about them and myself. My mother was a stay at home wife/mother for a long time, but all of the sudden she decided she was too bored at home and needed something to do. So she began to volunteer at the school where I attended. After a while she was offered a job as an assistant. She enjoyed teaching children and her creativeness helped her make fun. She began taking classes at night, one at a time. She then was moved to another school where she was offered a position as a special needs teacher, but my mother just didn’t have the heart to see and do what is required for the job.

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