Why I Want To Be An Avid Essay

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Education is something I believe in. When it comes to school all I think of is being a future student of Old Dominion University. Ever since the 7th grade ,when I joined the avid program, I have had the dream to go to college. Teachers at Windsor Oaks Elementary school showed me how fun learning is. Plaza middle school instilled in me that knowledge is key to everything. Green Run High School is helping on my way to success. Education is not just the kind of things I do at school, but instead it is learning new things everyday. I am passionate about becoming smarter and gaining wisdom. Growing up, my parents always applauded my hard work ethic in school because they have realized the immense impact that education has. Education has allowed people to thrive more than anything else. Without…show more content…
I began to listen in to anything and everything about avid. I witnessed people being taken out of the classroom for an interview to get in,and all I could think about was becoming an avid student. While going over the papers to get in, I realized that a majority of my family did not prolong their education past what was needed . This was the start to my ambition to get the education to better me in life. Avid became a family for me. I felt surrounded by people who put their everything into making sure that me and my classmates got into the ultimate university.Not until I got into avid did I realize that your education determines more that what you in school, but the career you take part in and the life opportunities you are given. Education takes individual determination to persevere through tougher subjects and gain knowledge. like in the story “Harrison Bergeron” ,where everyone in the story is equal, I trust that schools give each and every student the same opportunity to learn ,though it takes knowing the importance of education to give students the push to want to
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