Why I Should Go Away For College

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During life, we all have to make choices. Some of the choices we make better our lives, while others might mess with the course you plan on taking. During this past year, I have learned a lot and have grown as an adult. Mistakes were made, but that just means you need to get up and work toward that goal even harder and become the best version of you. As for my freshman year, many mistakes were made and when action was finally taken, it was too late for those changes shine through. While I decided to go away for college, I do not think that I was mentally prepared for what was coming my way. Being a first generation college student and the first one to actually go away to school, nobody could really shed light on the topic. Understandably, I talked with countless teachers in high school about their experience but they all sounded the same and gave me the assumption that going away to college would be like a typical college freshmen movie with just a little more studying. During the first few months on campus, I found it hard to make friends and my roommates were always ignoring me. Fr...

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