Why I Didn 't It For Me?

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Growing up, i was always the youngest in the group. At the same time I was able to learn a lot from my older cousins and my older brother by seeing them in middle school and high school. Me being the youngest I always wanted to be better than them at everything we did no matter what it was. Reason being wasn 't because i was the least talented but because i was always the smallest out of the bunch. It was because I never had the chance or the opportunity to show what i can do whenever we played, so no one knew what i was capable of doing. I was always told to stay in school and work out hard and though it made me mad i still continued to push myself thinking, “why do i have to still continue to work out if I can never show what i can do when we do play.” What 's in it for me? My father always told me that my time will come and sure enough it did. So here is where your going to find out why i 'm going to school, What i 'm picking to study and why I am picking this particular major to study. Living in vegas with my grandmother, my parents, brothers, sisters, and cousin we didn 't have any friends. We had family, so in our heads we knew we didn’t need any because we stuck together like glue. Anywhere one went, we all went and that 's how it was. Usually when we would go and play sports at my elementary school, in which we would just say, ‘who tryna go to the school?” Everyone knew what that meant, go grab your basketball shoes and your football cleats cause for the next five to six hours it 's on. When we just did random pick-up games i would be on teams of people i didn’t know cause it was all people from my brother and cousins schools. They didn’t know me and i 'm pretty sure they didn’t trust me to do anything spectacular ... ... middle of paper ... ...ld you have called? If it was me depending on where i was and where my mother was i would call her just to hear her voice and to tell her i miss her. Now think about how long the telephone has been around and how it has evolved over time. This is how i want to be remembered, by making something that 's useful to everyone. Something that can be further evolved by another up and coming future electrical engineer who wants to make a difference. So what is an electrical engineer? An electrical engineer is someone who focuses on designing, maintaining and improving the products that we use that are powered or produce electricity. Electrical Engineers may work on a single product form more than a year before that product is finished ad can then begin a new product. Sometimes, and electrical engineer will dedicate all of his or her time to one electrical product or product

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