Why I Attend College For College

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When I hear the word college, I automatically think of books, education, and learning. When I reflect on the reasons why I go to college, the first thing that comes to mind is my mother. The more I think about it, the more I realize the reason why I attend college is to not only learn, but create a path to where I want to head in life. I attend college to seek the best path ahead and work hard in order to give back to the most ambitious woman I know, my mother. When I was little, mother always told me, “Take on the chances that I never had and make me proud.” I want to start by attending college in order to show my mother that I will continue with the education she was not able to have. Because my mother is always my focus; I go to college to show her that I want to give back to her all these years and time she spent on me. She did not give up on me, nor did she give up on herself. I realized that my mother tried the best she could in order to give me the life I have right now. She is my role model and inspiration. I want to prove to her that raising me all these years was worth al...
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