Why I Am A Firefighter For The Us Army

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I’ve been in my current field now 19 years; I started as a Firefighter for the US Army. While Stationed at Fort Wainwright Alaska, the base decided to hand over the ambulance service to the fire department and thus began my career in both the fire service and medical field. I can remember dispatching as one of my duties. Every call that was answered via the base 911 emergency service line had to be hand written and filed at the end of the day into a secure cabinet. Our resource cards for the different medical and fire emergencies were typed and in a binder. I also remember all charting for patients were done on paper charts with carbon copy to make a copy as the provider was writing the original. These charts were also completed at the end of the call after treating the patient and jotting down some info to reference later. Let us fast-forward to 12 years later and the difference in technology is amazing. Still today new advancements in technology make my job and that of others easier and easier. Gone are the days of having to wait to look something up about a pat...

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