Why Genetics Is Important, And Why Is Genetics Important?

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Currently in the Arestry-Byrne Seminar thought by Dr. Freeman, I have recently got appreciation towards organ regeneration and organ growth. He primarily deals with the biochemical aspect of organ growth, and intern organ regeneration (especially with bone tissue) and I have always though myself as more of a geneticist ever since I was “taught” by Dr. Eric Lander in MIT 7.00X Introduction to Biology. He talks more about why genetics is more important, and why molecular biology needs to play a pivotal role in understanding of biological processes. Before him, I thought that genetics was a more abstract field, something that could not be easily grasped, but since he explained it in a way that was so easy to grasp and he made me love it. After that class, there was something so complex an appreciable to the subject. Using a more in vivo approach to organ growth and regeneration rather than a more in vitro one which Dr. Freeman uses proves to be much better to the patient and much easier as well. However, the possibility of a malignancy is high as certain genes regarding cell growth and division must be turned on, and a prolonged effect of this may metastasise into something very dangerous. If we can regulate the pathways reflecting tissue growth, we can then also fight two very important issues - raging as well as cancer. Having a more eugenic response is preferred, but the logistics of this might be difficult. We can possibly “turn on” gene regulation at a particular time whose conditions are difficult to replicate so that individuals do not try them in the absence of a certified professional. It is very important that they are not able to replicate these conditions so that the possibility of a malignancy is also reduced. It can ... ... middle of paper ... ...ortunity such as this one is a truly great thing not only for me, but for all undergraduate students passionate about research. I was talking to my GRP roommate and he said that we could also apply for an RA position, but he also mentioned that an RA would spend less time in a laboratory. I do not want that. I want to spend as much time in one as the clock might allow me. If there is one thing I want most in life, it is not material things, but enlightenment, knowledge, an understanding of how the world works. And only through research and being hands-on, willI truly be able to achieve what I seek. No one has helped me yet, they think that I roam aimlessly for knowledge and tend not to talk to me more than a few times, but with a little help, I can truly be able to love life on my own, alone, huddled up over a lab bench. The question is - will you help me in my path?

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