Why Gang Life is Attractive to Some

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According to Miller’s theory, young boy’s who do not have a father figure growing up will turn to gangs to achieve a sense of masculinity within each other. Girls will turn to all-male gangs to have a sense of father figure as well. Because of the masculinity is missing out of children’s lives, the gang life tends to attract them because of the power and respect that comes along with being in a gang. (Delinquency In society, p.180-181) There are many theories that explain why people join gangs. There are also many contributing factors to include when explaining why people join gangs, especially adolescents. A few theories that support why adolescents join gangs are: the strain theory, the general strain theory, the social control theory, the differential association theory, the labeling theory, the rational choice theory, the social learning theory, and the routine activity theory. (Delinquency in Society) According to the strain theory, juveniles may experience difficulty in obtaining things in life and they have a tendency to find other ways and means of getting what they...

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