Why Dog Attacks Occur and Who Are the Main Culprits

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Have you ever been or seen someone attacked by a dog? Dog attacks are a growing problem in the U.S today, often resulting in the euthanasia of usually non-aggressive dogs. Instead of direct euthanasia, these are the three details we need to focus on; we need more compensation because aggressive behavior displayed by dogs is usually a form of communication not a direct act of violence. Statistics of dog attacks have been running since the 1980’s, keeping tabs on the amount of attacks based upon breeds. Most of these attacks are brought on by miscommunication between humans and canines, due to the different types of communication. From this miscommunication dog attacks occur, resulting in large medical bills and complicated court cases that lead to the verdict of euthanasia of the animal. All of this can be prevented through proper training of both the dog and owner.

Dog attacks have been organized in a statistical formal since the 1980’s. The press accounts have been recorded up till now about dog attacks and how the rates of it seem to keep going up. Now these new reports have many different breeds of dog that have been doing these attacks. According to these reports that the main breed of attacks is pit bulls. ( Statistic percentages show the type of people that are mostly attacked and how many of these people actually die from these attacks. “ More than 4.7 million people in the United States are bitten by dogs annually and nearly 900,000 of those half of them children, require medical care, according to the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC).” (Tom Maiden, 2013) Stated by Tom Maiden the CDC keeps tabs on the type and amount of people involved in dog attacks. The research and collection of data form...

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