Why Does Hamlet Seek Revenge In Hamlet

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Why does hamlet delay so much in avenging his father’s murderer? Is there a part of him that really doesn’t want to take revenge? These are questions readers may come up with after reading and analyzing the play. Hamlet is a play built on a long tragedy between many characters. This tragedy starts with the main character Princess Hamlet and his Uncle Claudius. Claudius is the antagonist in this play and starts all of the drama. Claudius is the reason why hamlet is trying to seek revenge. Other characters are trying to seek revenge throughout the entirety of the play also. Shakespeare in the play Hamlet, is trying to make this a play on revenge between many characters and also show the insecurities of Hamlet as he tries to seek revenge.
In the play several characters are compelled to restore family honor by exacting vengeance. Fortinbras tries to reclaim his father’s honor by reclaiming territory, Hamlet must get back at Claudius for killing his father, and Laertes must get back at Hamlet to avenge his father and sister. Each character is driven in the play to get revenge at someone. Hamlet is
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Laertes is looking to seek revenge on Hamlet for killing his father and eventually his sister later in the play. "I dare damnation. To this point I stand, that both the worlds I give to negligence, let come what comes, only I 'll be reveng 'd Most throughly for my father." (4.5.132-135). Laertes is very different in the way he is going about seeking revenge, he is willing to kill any and everybody with no hesitation to revenge his father’s death unlike Hamlet, who is contemplating throughout the play on if he should or shouldn’t kill the necessary people in order to seek revenge. Hamlet isn’t the only one that sees the ghost or has a ghost to talk to them in the play. Laertes has times where his father who is dead comes back as a ghost to talk to him and encourage him. For
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