Why Does Class Important To The Social Class?

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WHY DOES CLASS MATTER? Student ID: 4312902 “Class is something beneath your clothes, under your skin, in your reflexes, in your psyche, at the very core of your being” (Annette Kuhn, 1995). As rightly said by Annette Kuhn class is something that is all around us and has been all around us since times immemorial. Class refers to a group of people sharing a similar status, power and amount of wealth. People belonging to the same class have a very similar influence on the society and the people around them. Classes in the society are mostly unequal and people are divided on the amount of economic wealth that they possess. There have been occurrences of most exceptional inequalities, that range from extreme wealth to life ending poverty. Where the people with the most wealth mostly belong to the upper classes and the ones that are not that high on the economic ladder stand very low on the social ladder as well. Class has various stigmas attached to it. For example, people that belong to a certain class are expected to do certain jobs that are just meant for them which the other classes cannot do. Class matters because it helps everyone in knowing a lot about the society in relation to the socio-economic status of the citizens and the kind of historical background that the ones belonging to the same class share. Social class is usually regarded as…show more content…
Some inequalities are also based on gender and age. For instance, the women and children of lower classes were not treated differently than the men of the same classes, for them the treatment was even worse. Therefore, it is important to know about class and its distinction, then and now. Class has led to many changes in the society, which are both negative and positive. It is extremely important to keep class in mind to study about any society because it holds relevance in almost all societies and
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