Why Do We Sleep?

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Going to sleep in life is very important because it allows us to physically and emotionally heal our bodies. Scientist doesn’t have an exact reason for sleeping because sleeping is a very vague area of researching. Like many other theories scientist come up with, there are many theories on sleeping. As human beings, it takes us a certain amount of hours for a complete rest and without this complete rest the consequences can be fatal.
Do you know why we sleep? According to scientific theories, we sleep for various reasons. I’m going to name four. The first reason is for our proper rest. Throughout the day we do activities that require energy from our bodies. At night this is why we are so tired because our bodies are attempting to regain its energy. The second reason is to heal. At some point in our lives we hurt ourselves and the doctor requires getting plenty of rest. The doctor requires this because sleeping restores the immune and nervous system and also muscles and bones. The third reason is to function better. Sleep helps the human brain to get regulated. Sometimes as we get so caught up in worrying and piling things up on our brains, when we are asleep our brain allows us to rest and neglect wasteful information. The fourth reason is that we sleep to dream. Everyone dreams every night they go sleep, some just don’t remember. Dreaming occurs when being in an unconscious state. These dreams are expressions of thoughts and experiences we have while awake. If in deep sleep, dreaming can occur while being awake.
The total hours of sleep a person needs rely on the individual’s age. Babies sleep more than anybody. They sleep up to sixteen hours a day. They sleep this much because they go through different stages of sleep that ...

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...s a necessity that helps us operate the way we do. Sleep allows us to be happy and perform the way that we do. There are many ways sleeping is beneficial to humans around the world, and can also be fatal for those who don’t get the proper amount of sleep they need to function.

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