Why Do They Hate Us? An Article by Mona Eltahawy

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Late back in the years, women were referred to be evil, devilish, or even a distraction for men from anything that is part of daily life except for sexual pleasure in bed. They were counted, or more, their voices were considered as a temptation (meaning that it’s leading to something bad). Nowadays, most of the countries seem that they have overcome this way of thinking and put women in an equal position as men. Unfortunately, it seems that there are few countries left in in the Middle East where men of the 21st century still have the mentality of men of the 7th century. Author Mona Eltahawy wrote the article “Why do they hate us?” where the term “they” refers to men and “us” refers to the women in the Middle East. Furthermore, Eltahawy discusses the thesis “We have no freedom because they hate us”. Since the subject is about the freedom of women, this should lead to a point where it’s of a political nature. The author begins her article with the story of Alifa Rifaat, a woman who is unmoved by her sex life with her husband and who seems to prefer praying and spending time away from him; making her feel neutral towards the death of her husband. In addition, even though most of the Middle East countries have been part of evolution, there are some out there who still haven’t been exposed to mental evolution such as Egypt, where men there treat women as a machine for sex only. Author adds that women should have as much human rights as men have. Speaking from personal experience, Eltahawy notes that western women are objectified; that’s why no importance is shown to them. Arab countries disrespect women and do not give them the rights they deserve and do not value them. Furthermore, Egyptian women lack privacy (humiliating virginity ... ... middle of paper ... ...t that is completely different from the one I know. Many women are doing incredible things for their gender in the Middle East and in a way; Mona’s article waters down the accomplishments of many women who are doing unbelievable things towards the rights of their gender by reinforcing the stereotype that people in the West already have of Arab women. What she states in her article is mostly right, but there are countries out of the Middle East who also need improvement for women’s right such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom. Eltahawy did a great job writing this article, which required great courage. But she focused so much on stating all the horrible stuff leading us to feel desperate after reading it, that she forgot to mention what women do it every single day in the way they live and work to improve their selves and to be proven equal to men.

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