Why Do Societies Fall

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Imagine a society that looked great from the outside, but was falling apart inside. The citizens inside have no power to fix this, don’t care, or are just too brainwashed by the government to try to change or save this society. This happened with many societies including Rome, the Sierra Leone, civil rights era U.S, and the society in Veronica Roth’s book Divergent. These societies that once thrived fell or made drastic changes so that they wouldn’t fall. Many powerful societies that thought they would last forever have come to an end. These societies fell due to civil war, poverty, and social inequality. Civil war was what caused the society in Divergent to fall. The Erudite used a serum to take over the Dauntless’s minds. They attacked the Abnegation and many people on both sides ended up dead. The Dauntless’s leaders were traitors and the Abnegation’s leaders were dead. This all happened because of a few peoples greed. Civil war didn’t only destroy the society in Divergent, it also destroyed Sierra Leone. A civil war broke out killing 50 million people and destroying the countries...

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