Why Do Professional Athletes Get Paid Too Paid Essay

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Playing Sports is something that most of us can relate too. We love how competitive they are. But, some people see sports as a successful career path. Even though being professional athlete is very challenging and only a small percentage make it into the big leagues they make too much money for just playing a sport. They get paid more than some of the most difficult jobs in the world and most of them go broke after they retire. But, with that being said not everyone aggress with that opinion but, I am here to say there argument is invalid. Money is what makes the world go round and is what this whole issue is about. The people who don 't agree that Professional athletes get paid too much do have some valid points. But, they are no where near…show more content…
The most paid doctors are only making around 500,000 dollars a year which is nothing compared to how much a top level professional athlete makes. Alex Rodriguez (a pro baseball player) made a staggering 28 million dollars last year arcading to Dr. Len Cooper. It is crazy how someone who swings a bat for half a year makes more than five times the amount a doctor does. Doctors are something the world needs, as they save peoples life and make sure we are in good heath. With that being said, anyone can play baseball but, not everyone can be a doctor. So, then why are they getting paid so much for doing something an average joe can do? The answer is simple they are selfish and want millions of dollars for playing a sport better than an average person can. Also, the president of the United Sates only makes salary of 400,000 dollars a year. 400,000 dollars is pocket change to some of these athletes which is mind blowing. A leader of a country should not be making a fraction as a pro athlete. Tulsi Patel (a writer for the Daily Herald) say’s “Our president earns a yearly salary of $400,000, and he runs our country, while the athletes just provide amusement.” This is a very powerful quote as it means professional sports are for entertaining only and should not be a career path. I personally believe this because I think something as simple as throwing a ball is not a career. So, being a pro athlete is

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