Why Do Police Wear Body Cameras Essay

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Police have been in the news non-stop lately and it seems to be a recurring theme as to why they keep showing up in the media. Police are starting to be neglected by the citizens that they are supposed to be protecting and it might be rightfully so. In the past year or so there have been an outstanding amount of police complaints by a lot of citizens and there has a movement been started called Black Lives Matter. All of these protests and movements are being started because of police brutality. Police Brutality has been around for a long time but has made its way back into the media in an alarming way. It’s been such a problem lately that a lot of people are wanting the police to start wearing body cameras. The old dashboard cameras just aren’t satisfying enough for civilians these days and they’re starting to feel as if that…show more content…
Police are supposed doing their civil duty when arresting people but nowhere in their procedure does it say aggressively harass the intended target to where they feel like they’re being attacked. Body cameras would work in amazing in today’s society because of all the media outlets that are out there. Today’s society is obsessed with getting all the information right away, even if it’s not necessarily the truth and body cameras would solve that problem. Body cameras would be good for the society because it would prove cut down on the police complaints, it would help with all the protest that have been occurring, and the costs of the cameras wouldn’t be as bad as some people believe. Money plays a big role in police wearing body cameras. The question that keeps popping up is, can the government afford to pay for police wearing these cameras? Two authors who work for a reliable journal called the

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