Why Do People Visit To Visit London

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Many people travel to different places from all around the world and most people travel to new places that they have never visited before, especially at their summer vacation, London is one of the first opinion that people choose when travelling, one of the biggest reasons that people visit London is because it contains one of the most popular and interesting history. London contain different culture from different countries from all around the world, this essay will outline and describe the advantages and the disadvantages that London suffer when tourist visit London, and this essay will also describe the financial, economical, social and the future possibilities of how tourists can affect London. London is the capital city England, and London was and still is one of the top destination that tourist would choose and London is a city with huge number of tourist and it keep increasing from time to time, tourist come to London for variable of reasons such as sightseeing, and wanting to know more about the history of London, because London is a city which is rich with history and stories. London is a city which the kings and queens in the past has ruled in for many years until the power was lost to the parliament and the queen at the moment is only a figure, many tourist come from all over the world to just see the change of guards in the Buckingham palace, Big Ben is an another great example for tourist to visit London, London eye, the Thames are all great reasons for tourist to visit London. Whenever people visit London as tourists they spend so much money which is an advantage when it comes to London financial and GDP rate, and the tourist spend a lot of money each year when they are visiting London either by shopping or going to ... ... middle of paper ... ...ind technology and sightseeing which will only increase the number of people visiting London more and more, London tend to develop with the highest and best technology out there which is suitable with this generation which tends to attract more tourists by absorbing their attention to the country’s latest development. In conclusion the number of tourists visiting London will increase which only shows that the number of jobs will increase as well and will be an unforgettable time to the tourists so in my opinion I believe that it's great that the tourists won't stop visiting United Kingdom and will help the local people living around which is a great thing and will manage on increasing the rate of people and the country’s GDP so it's only an advantage to London and with unstoppable tourists coming in and out will only affect London in more positive than negative.
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