Why Do People Use Gun Control

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There are so many people getting way out of control with the way they use guns. Many people misuse guns in so many ways. It would be better if the gun penalty laws were tightened, that way the criminals, drug users and anyone who misuses guns won’t be able to use guns anymore. People do not understand that guns are supposed to be used for hunting, trapping, and police forces.
“Guns have been frequently used for violent crimes, suicides and mishaps” (ProQuest Staff. “Topic Overview…”). People use guns poorly when they should only be used for important things like hunting, trapping and policemen use them for when they are on duty. The ownership of guns and the use of guns issues relates to firearms. When a person owns a firearm, they tend to
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Gale). Not many people realize that guns should not be played with like a toy. There needs to be safety precautions from the public just in case someone decides to misuse a handgun or any type of gun in any matter. Not many people care about the safety of the public, but they really should care because there could be young children, pregnant women, elderly, etc. There have been several of shootings in schools, towns, cities, and other countries, and many people were killed because the use of a gun was not used properly and no one cared. “Many people base their opposition to gun control on the language of the Second Amendment of the US constitution” (Gun Control”. Gale). Many people relate to what the Second Amendment says about the law of gun control. Everyone does have the right to own a firearm, but if anyone is going to own a gun they need to learn how to use it and safety rules about a…show more content…
The Citizens Committee is arguing that everyone has the right to own a gun and use it. This group wants the government to know that the Second Amendment states that people have the right to have their own gun. With the gun laws being tightened, everyone is going to have a hard time owning a gun for hunting, trapping, etc. Not everyone agrees with the gun laws being tightened and they think they laws should stay the way they are. “The Second Amendment states that there are legal and education for the gun owners and that the gun owners in the US have a right to fight against the government” (“Gun Control” Gale). The background checks for guns are not time consuming and it’s not harming the criminals. The criminals accurately buy guns illegally and tend to injure the innocent people around
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