Why Do People Tell A Lie By Sam Harris Essay

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The Title of the book I read namely “Lying”, has been written by “Sam Harris”. It was published at Harvard Business School Press in 2011 and its revised edition in 2013.and consisted of about 22 pages in number. The unusual facts about the book and the author are that he has a Ph.D. degree in neuroscience, his writing has been published in over fifteen languages. He and his work have been discussed in Newsweek, TIME, The New York Times, Scientific American, Nature, Rolling Stone, and many other journals. At first, I thought that the author describes about the “Lye” but I felt that he uses his own different style to attract the attention of readers when narrating honesty, trust, and integrity. I chose to read the book because of several reasons.…show more content…
The author has described the reason for his motivation to write about when he attended a seminar and felt that lying, even about the smallest matters, needlessly damages personal relationships and public trust. He has considered lye as a deception. His thought that “The boundary between lying and deception is often vague” is very informative. The most important thing that convinced the writer to write it is likely to be an inspiration why do people tell a lie? The writer has explained clearly that people tell lies to avoid embarrassment, to disguise wrong doings and to exchange their…show more content…
In the book, the author has explained the mirror of honesty, white lie, trust, faint praise, secrets, lies in extremes and integrity in detail. He has explained that most of us are now painfully aware that our trust in government, corporations, and many public institutions has been undermined by lies. The author describes big lies have crystal rectifier many of us to reflexively distrust those in positions of authority. As a consequence, it 's currently not possible to mention something of substance on global climate change, environmental pollution, human nutrition, policy, foreign conflicts, pharmaceuticals, and dozens of different subjects while not a major proportion of one’s audience expressing paralyzing doubts regarding even the foremost estimable sources of information. Our public discourse seems for good riven by conspiracy theories.
I am with the author in many of his views. Many of the problems that arise within the society, or being caused due to differences in the behaviors and ethical values, are due to the thoughts of people who cannot think by being at other peoples’ places while handling the same situation. An obvious example, can be described here is the way people tease other people, and become offensive when vice versa is done by other members of the society