Why Do People Own Handguns

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In Pete Shields’s exert “Why Do People Own Handguns” Shields clearly says that any reason for owning a handgun is invalid beside controlled target shooting, but this doesn’t apply to shotguns or rifles. Shields explains that handguns are dangerous to the people because of how easy the weapon can be concealed giving the attacker the element of surprise. Shields also says that the second amendment applies to the militia only including police officers and all military personal. Although Shields presents many valid and important points, but I disagree with him. Handguns are key weapons in protecting American citizens regardless of how many criminals use them, the second amendment clearly gives all citizens the right to own a handgun let alone any gun, and finally it is our job as citizens of the United States to use and keep our rights. Handguns have been the weapon of choice for not only criminals but our very own policer officers and military this is not be accident,…show more content…
People have the right to make an arrest, report a crime and do many things a police officer can do. Not only are we people of the law but the second amendment clearly says the right of the people to bear arms giving each and every person the right to own a gun. Owning a handgun is much like expressing the right to freedom of speech, religion, and privacy. Taking the handgun away from people would be like taking away my right to go to church on Sunday or even taking away my right to talk. There need be no explanation as to why you own a handgun, a right is a right regardless of why. Not only do people use guns for protection but they also collect guns, they are pieces of art, and even as an

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