Why Do People Fear Feminism?

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Why do people fear feminism? I don’t think people really understand its meaning. Feminism is defined as “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes” (Merrian-Webster). So why shouldn’t we celebrate, support, invest in and uplift women to be equal to men and fight against society’s problems? It would help eliminate a lot of today’s problems if the playing field was leveled. We should see feminism for what it should be. Defined in its definition is its meaning so why demean it and turn it into something it was never supposed to actually be. People are fighting to be included in feminism and be able to stand as women but people don’t see the issues stirring in the movement itself. That is caused by third wave feminism,…show more content…
History of the past mainly highlighted men and left out the important roles of women. This planted the seed for women seeking a place in being included in politics and other matters. This was known as first wave feminism. During the 60s-80s, second wave feminism happened where women had to still fight to be recognized and also women of color and women of the LGBTQ community were trying to be included in the movement. They started looking towards gender equality so that their voices would be heard (Dorey-Stein). The belief of sexism was expressed in this time because men had the jobs in the government and business while less women did. Third wave feminism is where everything started to take a different turn. It started to include women of color, women of the LGBTQ community and focus on individuality but it lacks unity and…show more content…
Women are looking toward not only continuing the progress that happened in the first and second wave but doing more. Taking the movement to the internet and the media for it to be more noticed and more supportive. They are embracing people more and want everyone to be themselves unapologetically. Not everyone is on the same page though. Feminists are being distinguished by different constructs. They are identifying themselves self-identified feminists, non-labelers, and non-feminists. Non-labelers reject the feminist label, feminist endorse the attitudes associated with feminism, and non-feminists don’t see feminism as important. Women are labeled as angry and look to shame men because they were dissatisfied when it’s just women taking a different approach to resisting male dominance and achieve solidarity with other women (Anderson). There are some feminist that “wrote pretty hardcore literature about the extermination of masculinity and male gender roles, and thus the assumption is that all woman who are feminists today hate men too” (Holly-Malett). Due to no defined feminism view, some woman have decided that being fully against men is a part of it. Not all feminist hate men but the ones that choose to express that make a bad ideology of the movement and it causes men to lash out at a movement that is in place for beneficial purposes. This causes demonization of the sexes. Some women see men as
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