Why Do People Eat Junk Food

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Junk Food: Not So Convenient Junk foods and fast food: society 's best friend but also its worst enemy. Everyone enjoys a little snack here and there and that snack is usually some sort of junk food or fast food. The reason behind people eating this food more than healthy food is because it 's cheaper and it 's convenient. The foods are typically ready on demand while healthy foods take preparation. Most likely, the healthy foods would be chosen over the fatty foods if they were cheaper in price and more readily available. Consuming large amounts of the junk food and fast food can cause issues for people such as acne, weight gain and low energy levels, and can aid in depression. There are many reasons for people choosing to consume junk food and fast food over healthy food. These fatty foods are more convenient from the preparation standpoint. Most healthy foods take time to prepare while on the other hand, the fatty foods are accessible when needed. Healthy food is also more expensive. A study has shown that eating healthy can cost about $1.50 more per day (News). That amount can add up over time. This may not seem like a lot but when considering a large family, it would cost that family much less to eat junk food and it would be a lot easier to prepare a meal for a large amount of people. Although this is true for some,…show more content…
The reason behind this is the high GI levels of these foods (Scientific American). GI levels, short for Glycemic Index Levels, are numbers that demonstrate the effect of a food on the human body’s blood sugar. The high on the GI scale is 100 which is glucose (Harvard Health). The high GI levels cause a rise in insulin levels in the body which cause the skin to become dry and flake. Dry and flaky skin leads to pores becoming clogged and acne forming. While the pores are clogged, the body is still creating the oils and they are building up under the skin and causing the red eye