Why Do People Buy Organic Food?

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Should people think that eating organic food is necessary in order to be environmental friendly individual? People became more aware of the environmental problems, and many people choose to stand and even to change their lifestyle if they have to in order to help the sustainability of Earth and health of people. People made environmental friendly actions such as buying organic food. Buying organic food is considered as a critical action to support organic farming and organic products.

Organic foods are completely made without involving pesticides or fertilizers or antibiotics or growth hormones; therefore, organic foods happen to be 100% natural. On the other hand, conventional foods are most of time treated with chemicals or antibiotics. Organic livestock are fed organically and given an organically lifestyle including the freedom of movement outside and the fresh air under the sunlight (Smith-Spangler, Crystal, et al 2012).

“ The term ‘organic’ refers to the use of renewable resources, land management including maintenance of water and soil systems, limited synthetic chemical application and the absence of certain prohibited substances such as hormones, sewer sludge or bioengineered products. Additionally, farmland used to grow organic crops is prohibited from being treated by synthetic pesticides for at least 3 years prior to harvest” (USDA 2006, 7 CFR 205.2, 7 CFR 205.105) (Wunderlich, Shahla M., et al 2008).

Vegetables, fruits and other organic products labeled “organic” are provided by organically agricultural production system not an explicit health or nutrition claim, so these products are testable and not guaranteed (Wunderlich, Shahla M., et al 2008).

To purchase organic food is one of the green behaviors; ...

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