Why Do People Belong

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Belonging is made up of different slices; friends, family, culture, beliefs and interests. All theses slices help us form up our belonging. But people are sometimes forced to sacrifice themselves for them to belong.

As long as we are courageous personally we will always belong. This can be family, friends, culture religion, social status. The different aspects effect a persons ability to belong in their society an example their school or community. This can also happen on a much larger scale, where someone one be forced to lose there identity like Anne frank "in diary of a Young girl" or "Then" where both Zelda and Felix both give up there identity and become polish kids living in the countries side, the effects of this can last a life time in real life as well, where most holocaust survival have extreme terror latter in life and suffer from
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People are forced to give up who they are because of a nations discrimination on a type of person, this is what happened to Germany throughout World War Two where hitter created lies about the Jewish race and this lead to a mass culling of the Jewish people. Felix in "Then" was forced to drop his Jewish identity because people with Jewish identity where exterminated just because they where Jewish.

There are many different effects that people face when they sacrifice their identity. This can be a loss of the self, isolation, tension between folk and friends. In growing up Asian in Australia one chapter explores how the protagonist is determined to keep his family life and school life separate.

In order to belong in the world, we must all make sacrifices. This can sometimes be the sacrifice of an identity. We will all make sacrifices in our life to belong. it is imported how to deal with these situations and think of possible
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