Why Do People Attend College

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Main reasons why students push themselves to attend colleges

Nowadays, many students attend colleges or plan to attend. But why do they want to attend college? Is college necessary for them? As we all know, it is highly competitive to get into a college in Hong Kong. Do these students who attended college become competitive after they graduate? Do those students who did not attend college become disadvantaged in this society? Actually there are many students attend college just because they think they have to attend, although there are many alternative career paths for them. In my opinion, there are three main reasons for students to attend college---------------easier to get a job, become more respectful and pressure from people nearby.
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Despite many students are clear about their future paths, there are also many students attend college without reason and treat it only as a goal or task. Many people are proud of being high-educated people. Therefore many students think it is not bad to attend college. In Hong Kong, we need to choose our majors when we apply to colleges. And it is not easy to change our majors after getting into the colleges. So we need to decide what we learn in University in such a hurry. These students do not have enough time to think about their majors and future career and they cannot change their majors if someday they know what they want to learn. Although education is important that almost all the countries encourage people to study, it does not mean everyone should go to colleges. Education is necessary but college is not necessary for everyone. For those students who are unnecessary to attend college, they cannot learn much in college. They may choose a major they do not like at all and sleepwalk through their college life. It is useless for their future career and wasting their time. If they use these four years to do other things instead such as working or anything they like to do, they may learn more from them. So everyone should be aware of college is not for everyone. Petrilli

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