Why Do Men See Women As Objects

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Men treat women as objects there to fulfill their needs. Men think of women as being there just for their needs. Men do not see women for what they actually really are like they should. Men only think about what they want and not about the other qualities that women have to offer them. Men should see women as the same as they are, beautiful the way they are, good enough the way they are, and their personality. Men see women as objects. A study in the Psychological Science field has found that both genders see men as people but they see women as objects (“Women are Objects, Men are People”). Women are not objects. Women have more to offer than just body parts but most men don’t see that right away. It could have to do with many things and there have been many studies done about this subject. Should men see women as objects? No they should not because women are the same as men. Men are people, women are people, no one is an object and they should not be treated like they are just because of the body parts they have.…show more content…
You should always, no matter what (male or female) look at the person’s personality first. A person’s body is not who or what they are or what they are not. A person’s personality is who or what they are. Most of the time, you will find that an outgoing personality is way better than someone’s body. Most people find that when they are looking at someone’s personality and it is amazing, they are much happier. Looking deeper than the surface is what it is all about. When women would view advertisements on the television of women being sexual objects, there were steps on to how they would act and feel. They would see themselves at a bigger weight than they actually are, then they would wish that they were thinner, then they would prefer to be a different woman’s body size (“Effects on Body Dissatisfaction”). This is the perfect example of why women should not be treated as objects because it ruins them
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