Why Do I Want To College Essay

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College was not a privilege, it was a priority for me. College symbolized a home away from home, higher education and freedom. Before I could even begin to think about college, I knew that I had to prepare myself for external influences, internal forces and bureautic procedures. The external and internal influences I experienced were both positive and negative. The number one reason why I wanted to go to college was because of my parents. Both my mom and dad dropped out of high school to give me and my siblings a better life than the one that they had, so college meant becoming successful and I wanted to one day give them the better life that they so badly longed for. Following my parents, was my sister’s achievement of going to college. I…show more content…
There was plenty of bureaucratic procedures at all applicants had to overcome before being considered as prospective students. It started with the A-G Course requirements; being a student at a College Prep high school, I knew since the first day I step on to campus that that I was going college. My high school gave me all the knowledge I need to know in order to be eligible to attend a four year university. I aced all my classes and made sure that I took more than enough A-G course to better my grade point average. The next step commenced about a year before the UC application officially opened with SAT and ACT testing. Both of these exams were not a walk in the park, they required an immense amount of knowledge and studying. My high school provided us with an SAT prep program, which aided us with practice exams, tutors, one-on-one help and motivation to ensure us a score we would be content with. Then came the long and tedious process to perfect our personal statements.I wrote my personal statement Prompt 1 eight different times. Fortunately, I had a strong support system that aided me in organizing my thoughts and ultimately led to a well written, engaging short essay that accompanied my UC application. The actual application came after. Although it was a somewhat simple, I took my time to make ensure my application was impeccable and represented the best version of myself. The last step was
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