Why Do I Want To Become An Artist Essay

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“Do I want to become an artist?” I always ask myself this question. From a very young age, I knew God gave the gift of being an artist. In my school career, my artist abilities were noticed. From congratulation speeches to awards for my artwork. I was thankful for my recognition and worked even harder. Even though I had a passion for art, I also had a passion for sports. I played soccer ever since I could remember. I was also involved with action sports, more in snowboarding than others. When I got older, I had many opportunities one of them being a snowboarding instructor. As I grew up, my parents, teacher, and friends influence me to go to college, but more specifically art college. That is, what I am doing, going to art college. But now that I am in art school. I still ask myself “Do I want to become an artist?” Yes! I do want to become an artist. That is, an easy question but there is more to the question. What kind of artist? Now, that I have been a student and attending Cleveland Institute of Art. I have gone through…show more content…
I am not that kind of person to give up. I do not like disappointing others and knowing that I could have done it. Especially, when I get to attend one of the top rated art school and knowing I will have the materials to be successful. Here and there, I think about that questions in the back of my mind. “Do you want to become an artist? What kind of artist?” I think about my passions, art, snowboarding, and more. “Did I make the right choice to come to Art college?” My mind wonders about this question a lot. “What if I did not apply to Cleveland Institute of Art? Where would I be? What would I be doing with myself?” I know that I would be pursuing my passion in actions sports. Specially, outdoor EMT, I would be learning how to save lives while doing the things I love. Such as hiking, climbing, camping, and snowboarding. I do catch myself drifting away and start daydreaming about this during the
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