Why Do Employers Check your Facebook and Twitter Before Hiring You?

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Almost everyone today has a Twitter or a Facebook, mainly younger people, who do not think that what they post now could affect them many years later down the road. (Driscoll) Many Employers and college professors will look someone up on Google, Twitter, or Facebook. They do this to see if the Employee or Future College Student will fit in well with the work place. (Luckerson) Some people think this is unfair, your Facebook should not determine whether or not you get into college.
People deserve privacy, if you walk into a college interview and they ask you to hand over your Facebook password does that seem fair? Some people could argue that it is, whereas other people could say that it is completely uncalled for. There really are only a couple of reasons that someone could believe that this is a good idea, and that would be to find out more about the person, but not to determine whether they get into college or not. (Driscoll) Other people having access to your personal accounts is never a good feeling, especially when your career is dependent upon it. (Schwabel) Many employers have said that they enjoy seeing future employees interested in professional organizations, while some are immediately turned off by what they see. (Driscoll) Posting things alcohol or drug related is a good way to turn an employer off. (Luckerson)
Some people would be really surprised at how many people look at their social media, or what they post can affect people in many ways. It really is not fair to judge someone by what they post on their social media networks. For example, someone could have a facebook page from years ago, and it could contain things that they do not really care for anymore. (Driscoll) It could include things from their past t...

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...lege you were hoping for. (Schwabel) Do they check your Facebook still when you have gotten into the college? They may do checkups on a college student every once in a while to see what is going on in the college dorm. (Luckerson) Or If they are keeping up on their studies and making good progress in the college. Being in a college is a big responsibility, and a social media site should not be the reason to not get into one. (Driscoll)

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