Why Do Dreams Come True

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Do Dreams Come True? Erika Halaby English 232 Ms. Torres 30 May 2014 Erika Halaby English 232 Ms. Torres 30 May 2014 Do Dreams Come True? No matter whom they are every person in this world is going to be told that anything is possible. But just because something is possible that doesn’t mean it will happen. In this day and age, America is looked at as a land of opportunity. It is a place where you can turn a small idea into something real. In America, the sky is the limit when it comes to your dreams. Unfortunately, for some people the opportunities are easier to grasp and those who are not as lucky will just remain dreamers. If someone were to Google the question: “What is the American Dream?” they would come upon the word “prosperity”. Prosperity is something everyone in this world hungers for, they want to flourish and thrive not only for themselves but for the ones that they love. Traditional concepts of the American Dream are also equality, happiness, democracy. The idea of the American Dream dates all the way back to the 1600s when people really first began to create high hopes for themselves and their families. Immigrants at the time helped shape the aspect of the American Dream because they were traveling to the U.S. in search of a better life. America was so inviting to these people because they believed that they would find happiness as they began to reside in the large, unexplored continent. The most valuable thing you can have in this life is happiness, and with the American Dream, true happiness is very hard to attain. In American Literature the American Dream is hidden in almost all stories. There is always going to be a story behind any character. The American Dream very commonly takes place in the shap... ... middle of paper ... ...ore and more. That is a large downfall in this land of opportunity, because not everyone will be given the chances others can and they will not be able to amount to the same things. That will hurt people greatly, because the disappointment eventually builds and builds inside a person. America is still just as beautiful as it always was, but not as inviting as it should be. The fear of failure must be greater than ever, especially as our economy expands and that will push people over the edge. The physical and mental pain that can be caused by pushing oneself too far can be incredibly dangerous. The way the American Dream does call for people to push themselves can end up fatal. Sometimes people have had enough of the depression, wariness and pain they feel when trying to maintain an everyday life and that are why the dream is slowly becoming more of a nightmare.
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