Why Do Corporations Believe It Is Natural

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Why do corporations believe it is natural to have children working in developing countries? Is Timothy & Thomas North America responsible for causing harm if global guidelines are misused? If 60 Minutes conducted an interview, would Timothy & Thomas North America be proud of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices in Pakistan? There are many questions surrounding the moral responsibility on corporations, but how can a resolution be reached. In the case study for Timothy & Thomas North America, three models of ethical standards will be cited. From the Stakeholders article, decision-making guidelines will need to be understood for Jonathan Stein, the new Vice President (VP) of International Contracts to have a clear vision of stakeholders’ values. Exemplified in the article, The Responsibilities of Corporations and Their Owners, Timothy & Thomas North America have a duty to manage social problems, public welfare, and corporate responsibilities to strive for moral purity in Pakistan. Specified in the article, The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact corporations incorporate universal ethical standards into their value system. The leaders of Timothy & Thomas can use this guidelines to measure how well they treat each other and the environment they are responsible for. From the corporate office in Boston, possible solutions in the case start by working together to rethink how the organization is structured. Building shared visions and guiding practices into a global management report will orchestrate four necessary courses of action for Timothy & Thomas North America and their stakeholders. (1) Define the meanings of law and guidelines in developing countries. (2) Work with Local Government Ordinance in Pakistan to ... ... middle of paper ... ...more interconnected and complex, we feel developing a new discipline is vital to our bottom-line and the future of our organization. By becoming a learning organization we can achieve goals, both locally and globally. We can provide a deeper connection in the developing countries in which we reside. We can bring forth balance by using a formula to sustain global reputation. Timothy & Thomas North America advocates a balanced solution for Creating Shared Values (CSV) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for a sustainable future. Our goal is to have a systemic approach in the global community. Our mission is to develop long-term employment, and work with local communities to sustain a clean, healthy, and safe environment. Our objective is to strengthen the framework through a triple bottom line approach to embrace social, environmental, and financial wellbeing.
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